– Perfection in every detail
“This is the secret of good design” –
Sergio Bettio

The patent

The simple and quick installation of TTack
1. Position the first roof panel.
2. Fix it by using brackets that permit the sliding of dilations and the choice between side or upper fixing. In upper fixing, the panel has a step to hold the bolt.
3. Position the second panel by sliding it closer until it is snug against the first fixed panel
4. The panels are joined when a “tack” sound is heard.

Water test

Behaviour with water is incredible. The special interlocking system of TTack® creates 2 natural safety channels for water to flow out.

  • With heavy rain, the water level could reach the top
    of the fretted profile of the TTack® panel.
  • Water pressure seals the fretted profile. Persistent rain will drain through by the capillary action of water, to be collected by the first safety channel.
  • For increased safety, a second channel has been added to ensure that the roofing remains watertight.
  • Water will drain away through the channels into the gutter as soon as the water load will permit that.

TTack® can also house photovoltaic modules

With a series of accessories it is also possible to fix photovoltaic modules without drilling the surface.

All the pluses of TTack.

Ttack® was also designed to cover and insulate all existing flat roofs with sheathing without having to remove any material, furthermore by using the TTack panel on the roof we obtain:

  • reduction of costs in the structure by moving the roof from inclined to flat or increase in internal volume exploitation of the maximum heights established by municipal regulations
  • energy saving due to the recovery of unused volume
  • saving time due to the ease of installation with the particular interlocking joint